Skrova Island Evening Cruise


Experience the magnificent island of Skrova in complete silence and comfort on board our purpose-built hybrid-electric boat. Discover white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and the rich wildlife living side-by-side with ancient fishing communities. Skrova is also home to many of Lofoten’s majestic white-tailed eagles.

Inaccessible by car, Skrova is home to an ancient fishing community. Rumour has it that Skrova has the highest density of millionaires in Norway, thanks to fishing!At 16:30 we will leave for Skrova and give you several hours to explore this hidden gem and of the beaten path destination. Visit the community that lives on the island. You can explore its galleries, hike up the mountain, go kayaking and have some dinner in one of the local restaurants.At 22:00 we will depart for a cruise in the evening light and use our underwater drone to explore the world under the surface of the sea. Keep your eyes peeled in the sky for some white-tailed eagles. If you’d like to embrace the island lifestyle and stay the night you can book a room in one of the few on the island and return to Svolvær with us on the next tour.


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