Silent Fjord Cruise to Skjomen


Join the journey and discover the well kept secret of Northern Norway – the stunning Fjord of Skjomen. During the tour you will get insight into the World War II history, and if you are lucky we will explore a ship wreck with our underwater drone. 

Departing from Narvik we cruise south towards Skjomfjord – a narrow fjord with dramatic scenery, glaciers and white beaches. Take in the beautiful nature from our warm lounges with panoramic windows and multi-level decks while our friendly crew will share stories about the wildlife, history & fishing culture that is traditional to the resilient locals that live around Narvik.

As we enter Skjomfjord you will learn about Stella Polaris, Hitlers superyacht and the submarine base who was central in the World War II history of Norway.

We will also launch our underwater drone so that you can also discover life in the mysterious depths of this fjord.

Onboard you can purchase a variety of drinks, warm lunch, sandwiches or pastries while enjoying the views.

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