Silent Fjord Cruise to Rombaksbotn


Jump on board and join our silent electric cruise to the historical site of Rombaksbotn, which lies at the bottom of the beautiful Rombaksfjord. Enjoy this historic journey while you glide through the stunning Arctic landscape.

Departing from Narvik we cruise into the 20 km deep Rombaksfjord. Take in the beautiful nature from our warm lounges with panoramic windows and multi-level decks while our crew will guide you through the fascinating history of Narvik, spanning from an industry adventure in the 1800s to play a strategic role in the World War II.

We will stop by the wreck of Georg Theile, one of dosen german destroyers that were sank in this fjord during World War II. At the wreck we will launch our underwater drone to have a closer look at the wreck as well as the marine life habitating the area. Our guide will share their knowledge of the ocean and the fascinating world underneath the surface we seldom see ourselves.

Onboard you can purchase a variety of drinks, warm lunch, sandwiches or pastries while enjoying the views.

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