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The Lofoten archipelago is a must see for every visitor in Norway all year around. Get back to nature, challenge yourself and enter landscapes well beyond our urban environment.
Picture yourself enjoying a spontaneous moment as you are enjoying a warm water in a hot tub on a remote island. Far away from the city lights, on one island on the ocean, under the sky with full of starts or even under the fireworks of the Northenr lights.
In a nutshell, hot tub under the Northern lights is all about embracing unique moments while enjoying incredible landscapes and lights.

How to describe the Northern Lights: spectacular, fascinating, amazing, unique, unforgettable, inexpressible …the list is endless to describe this natural phenomenon which should be defineietly on your bucket list.
There is many way to experience the natural firework of the sky but paddle on the ocean underneath the glowing, otherworldly dance of the aurora is only possible with paddling and Northern Explorer.

We will meet in Eggum at 19:30 where we have a short briefing about kayaking and safety. This tour includes only a short kayaking, approx 40min, which will take us to an inhabitant island where your hot tub will waiting for us. Enjoying the hot water with some hot drinks and hope for the most amazing moment of your life is something inexpressible.

Your guide is happy to share some tricks to make the best possible photos of the nights, but dont forget to bring your camera and some extra batteries with you!

To join this tour you don’t need any previous experience.

Departures: 19:30pm
Duration: 4 hours
Price: 1400 Nok
Includes: Snacks and hot drinks
What do you need to bring: warm clothes, raincoat, gloves, hat, sunglasses, camera
*Minimum of 2 people per excursion.
*Available approx. end of November.
Northern Explorer sends out a list with an overview of normal needs for clothing, equipment and also the exact location for each participant after the booking.

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